Keller United Methodist Church is committed to serving and connecting our congregation and our neighbors in ways that build healthy communities.

What we are already doing:
• Fund and provide trained volunteers for our Kids Hope mentoring ministry.
• Fund and provide trained volunteers for our Backpack Supplemental Weekend Food program for three local elementary schools.
• Provide our neighbors assistance in signing up for social services as trained volunteers for Texas Health and Human Services Community Partner Program.
 • A portion of fund collected during Christmas Eve worship 2017 are being used to renovate the Hallelujah Center to prepare space for the KUMC Resource Center.

Our plans for the future:
• Open the Keller UMC Resource Center’s food pantry and become a food resource for individuals, families and the elderly (without zip code restrictions) who currently go unserved or underserved in our community.
• As we get to know clients of our food pantry, we can learn of other needs and connect them with resources we have or with partner agencies.

How can I help?
• Make monetary donations to Keller UMC designated for the Resource Center.
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• As the Resource Center expands, volunteer your time and energy to stock food shelves and assist clients in making food selections.

Keller UMC is now accepting applications to be part of the Resource Center Team of volunteers.  More volunteer positions will be posted soon.

TAFB Food Pick-Up Team Members
How you will serve:  On your designated Monday, drive to the Tarrant Area Food bank, pick up the Resource Center food order, deliver to the Keller UMC Resource Center and unload the food.
Time Requirement:  approximately 4 hours on Monday mornings at least once per month.
Skills:  Ability to lift up to 50lbs. Would also be helpful to have a truck and trailer hitch.

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Meal Connect Coordinator
How you will serve:  Keller Resource Center will partner with local grocers who are part of a “food rescue” program. You will work collaboratively with these grocers and coordinate a team of volunteers who will collect donated food and transport it to the Keller UMC Resource Center each week.
Time Requirement:  Initially, the time commitment will require more hours to help recruit, meet, train and schedule the volunteers, as well as visit local grocers to establish a positive relationship. After the Meal Connect Team is in place and schedules established, time commitment should be 1 – 2 hours per week.
Skills: Excellent public relations skills and ability to develop a good, positive rapport with a team of volunteers while ensuring the program is run strictly according to Tarrant Area Food Bank guidelines. Good verbal and written skills; email and computer literate.
Other Requirements: Flexibility and ability to be available different days and times each week if required.

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For more information on the KUMC Resource Center and Food Pantry, contact Pastor Page Hines.