Connecting God’s Family
At KUMC, we constantly strive to live into our mission of connecting God’s family by knowing, loving and serving so that the world might experience Christ’s love. We provide food for the weekends for local children with food insecurities and welcome hundreds of kids for Vacation Bible School. God works through us as we send water filters and trainers to provide clean drinking water to Haiti and eye glasses and vision team volunteers to Belize. KUMC is vibrantly alive as we gather together to worship and glorify God as we learn and grow.

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Please remember that giving the debt reduction is above and beyond regular annual stewardship giving.

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Our Journey - Honoring our Legacy
From our humble beginnings in 1897 with meetings in the Union Church, to present day, our primary mission remains the same, to provide worship space for future generations. The faith and actions of those before us set an example to follow and a legacy to honor. The third phase of building on the current property was completed in 2016, nearly doubling the space available for ministry. Within these walls, we celebrate new life through baptism and affirm our faith in confirmation. We gather to pray, to worship, to learn, to serve. As we enter into this season of generosity, it is important to recognize all that God has allowed us to accomplish so far in 2018 as we strive to continue God’s work. Here are just some examples:

• Nearly 600 children were welcomed free of charge to Vacation Bible School 
• Over 50 KUMC small groups have regular meeting space
• Over 1,000 children and their families took part in Eggstravaganza
• 82 children and volunteers participated in Summer Theater Workshop
• Over 1,200 residents of Belize were served by our Optical Mission Team
• 100 families in Haiti were given clean water through our water filter mission program  
• 39 children at local elementary schools have Kids Hope Mentors
• We added a ministry area specifically for 5th-7th grade students
• 125 youth and adult members participated in Mission Trips locally or abroad
• 38 of our 7th grade students are currently attending confirmation class 
• We anticipate over 1,000 kids and families for Trunk or Treat  

This is the reason our Debt Reduction and Annual Stewardship campaigns will run simultaneously, allowing us to reduce our debt as needed while we continue to grow and share Christ’s love in our community and the world. Get details of the Debt Reduction and Stewardship Campaigns below!

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We also have a report on our Art of Discipleship Stewardship for 2018
Download the Narrative Budget 3rd Quarter Update