To those of you who have already made your 2019 pledge commitment to the general budget, to the debt reduction campaign, and/or continue to give faithfully to the ministries of this church, thank you! While we are excited that the 2019 projected overall giving of this congregation is expected to be higher than 2018, unfortunately, it is not projected to increase enough to cover our expenses especially given the increased costs of the building. Therefore, at the direction of the Finance Committee and the Staff Parish Relations Committee, staff was asked to make some significant decreases to the proposed budget. The proposed budget will be reviewed by Ministry Council and voted on in early January.  

A few of the changes are listed below. Some of the changes are simply to keep things fresh and constantly improve our efforts to fulfill our mission. Others are necessary due to the increased costs of maintaining our larger facility. We certainly hope that some of these changes will be temporary. Certainly, if giving is higher than forecasted, some may be added back into the budget. Thank you in advance for your patience and flexibility.

  1. Coffee and water will continue to be available. However, the hospitality snack tables in the Narthex/lobby, Youth Activity Center and Family Life Center will no longer be provided. Individuals and groups are welcome to bring snacks to share in their small groups. 
  2. We will continue to provide nursery care during worship. Groups may request and pay for nursery care at other times. A nursery care request and payment form will be available in the next week.  
  3. Reimagine Wednesday Night dinners. The regular Midweek Oasis dinners will cease, but we are working on a new ministry concept to revitalize the programming.
  4. The Upper Room magazine is available on line at We encourage our Upper Room readers to subscribe online for the daily email version. If you prefer a printed copy, you may purchase one directly from Upper Room. We have already received the January/February issue, but that will be the last one ordered.
  5. Many activities, such as mission trips, will have a fee associated with them that covers the costs or that is very close to covering the entire cost of the activities. We will also begin charging a registration fee for VBS.
  6. Community events such as Eggstravaganza and Trunk or Treat will continue to be free, but will require substantial sponsorships, similar to what we have done in the past for Miles 4 Mission.

Staff members have worked diligently to reduce costs and increase income in all areas. For example, continuing education and direct mail evangelism have been eliminated from the budget and there are no staff raises planned in 2019. 

This congregation has always accomplished amazing ministry regardless of the size of the budget and there is every confidence that exceptional ministry will continue unfettered by budget restraints. Passionate life-changing ministry will happen here at KUMC regardless of the size of our budget.

However, (and this is a big however) the extent to which we can achieve our mission, as a church and as disciples of Jesus Christ, IS impacted by money. The size and the scale to which we can achieve our mission is directly impacted by all of our giving to the budget, which supports the ministries of this church.  

Our personal discipleship is also directly impacted by our individual openness, our willingness, to be generous with our often most coveted treasure, money. If everyone who calls this church home would give something—a percentage of their income—to this church, our combined financial ability to achieve our mission would be greatly enhanced. It takes all of us, from the widow and her mite to the riches of the young ruler.  

Again, thank you for all the ways you work to fulfill our mission, to connect God’s family by knowing, loving and serving so that the world might experience Christ’s love!