Pocket Change is an annual UMW fundraiser, that supports various ministries of the church. This year, funds raised will go to a mid-year school supply replenishment for our Kids Hope and Backpack program schools. About the middle of the school year, teachers begin noticing that certain supplies are dwindling. Some of these supplies are used by the students for their assignments and some are used to keep the classroom in a healthy environment. Items to be purchased will be dry erase markers, pencils, crayons, glue sticks, tissues, paper towels and  sanitizing wipes. 

This year's fundraiser runs from January 12-27. We invite members of the congregation of all ages to pick up a Pocket Change container, fill with your spare change and return to the Welcome Desk each week. The UMW will be there to receive your contributions. (Checks and cash will also be accepted if you prefer!) 

Contact Pastor Page if you need more information.