Keller United Methodist Church is hosting a Women’s Conference entitled, Embracing Transitions.  Women of all ages and in all seasons of life, experience many transitions, so this conference is for you. Our guest speaker, Taprina Milburn, will speak to us about resilience and growth. Taprina will share her wisdom from personal experiences of embracing transitions in life with joy and insight with our faith intact.  

The Women’s Conference offers attendees time for fellowship, learning and worship.  Women of all ages are invited to spend the day enjoying all of the wonderful activities at the conference.  A warm, delicious, catered lunch is included in the registration fee.

In addition to our guest speaker, Taprina Milburn, we have twelve dynamic and inspiring breakout session presenters speaking about their diverse experiences and personal walks of faith.  Attendees will have the opportunity to choose presenters and breakout session during registration.

We look forward to enjoying the day with you.  Come join us for a day prepared especially for you! Childcare will be available by reservation. 

Date: October 6, 2018
Time: 8:30am-4pm
Cost: $15 (includes lunch)  

Late registration available the day of the event. 

About the Speakers

Taprina Milburn,  is author of Scientists Use Rats, I Use My Family and We’re Not Being Raised Right, compilations of essays written as a young mom while raising her family. Now the 50-something mom of two grown, married children, Taprina explores with audiences the topics of rebuilding a life after empty-nest and loss. After a 27-year marriage, she lost her husband, Kermit, in 2016 to suicide. A writer for more than three decades, she created the blog Reimagining to work through her own grief and share stories of resilience to help others “reimagine a new life after major changes. Taprina is a believer and is certain God locks hands with us through valleys and celebrates with us on mountain tops. She firmly believes God built us to overcome difficult times and come through with joy, insight and faith intact (even if it doesn't always seem that way). She currently works for an Oklahoma City nonprofit and facilitates family caregiver support groups and coordinates education seminars for family caregivers. She lives in Edmond, OK., with Scout, her 5-year-old Golden Retriever,  who is very much her empty-nest coping mechanism. Taprina is a member of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church.

You will have the option to choose three of the following breakout sessions following Taprina's presentation.
Annie Ewing 
Just Breathe...
Annie is a wife, homeschool mom, Master Holy Yoga Instruction and a former runner. Learn some breathing exercises, how the breath heals and discuss what rest look like to you. Reflect on slowing down, breating more and growing your relationship with Christ.

Jackie Kiebler and Bernadette Bierley 
Navigating the Twists and Turns of Being a Caregiver for Someone You Love
During this session Jackie and Bernadette will provide helpful information regarding common reasons you may become a caregiver, strategies for coping, helpful resources and they will share some of their own experiences.

Charlotte Hill
Whose Child Is this and Why is She/He living in my House? Parenting grandchildren and more
Charlotte will share her experience in parenting eight different children who came to her and her husband through birth, adoption, fostering, CPS placement and grand parenting. She will discuss the significant transitions in their lives and how they learned to trust in God.

Courtney Harbaugh Walker
Nothing is Certain, Except Death and Taxes (…and Births and Divorces): Ask a Lawyer
As it stands, there are three major milestones that affect individuals throughout their lifetimes: births, divorces and deaths. Courtney will provide some basic understanding of these complicated legal issues and to provide time for questions regarding these specific areas, family law in general.

Faustina Ankomah 
Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread: Food for Thought
Originally from Ghana, West Africa, Faustina has lived in North Texas area for the last twenty years. Growing up in her part of the world, She had often placed emphasis on the portion of The Lord’s Prayer “Give us this day our daily bread” Bulk buying and running through the fast food line to gratify our hunger seems to be the norm. Please join Faustina to pause and meditate on the verse “Give us this day our daily bread”  Mathew 6:11

Kathy Warren 
We All Have Special Needs
Needs are something we all have right? Kathy will talk about her son, Andrew, and share her pregnancy experience of how they learned of his Spina Bifada diagnosis at 21 weeks and how that was a major transition for them. She will explain why this is so important to her and how when she has a great day she can share her gratitude with God who has allowed her to experience such great joy. She will also talk about the hard times when you lose sight of hope.

Dr. Laurie Burke 
The Bare Naked Truth (Sex Untangled)
Dr. Burke has spent 40 years in medicine - most of it in women’s health. What She has learned goes far beyond the medical books.  Every woman has a story to tell. It is unique and timeless. There are lessons learned and advice to pass on. Frank discussion on "What’s going on down there?" and "Am I normal?"

Shannon Houston 
If you ever wake up thinking your day will be “normal” and reality trips you in the hallway on the way to the kitchen for your morning Dr. Pepper, you may be read this as a sign. You are not alone. This session will target leadership along an individual pathway filled with divorce, depression and death of loved ones thrown in the mix. Because, “Why Not? Seriously?” Learn how to take care of yourself while leaning on the Lord first, self-care second and everyone else third. Are your eyes open?

Tonya Minton
Are You Kidding Me?
An edgy, real authentic conversation on finding and seeing God at work in and through life’s turning points. In every life there are varying types of turning points or crisis. How does being a person of faith help shape our journey through turning points? When the unexpected happens, how and where does one find God’s presence? Tonya will share some of her own story and turning points and where God was and is still shaping her story. Discover ways to see God in your turning points.

Ashley Swanson 
Embracing the Seasons of Marriage
Ashley is a  former elementary school teacher and college professor. With a bachelors and a master’s in education, She has always had a passion for educating and helping others.  The target focus of her presentation is to address the seasons of marriage and how to embrace them rather than being intimidated by the change.She will incorporate information from Christian marriage studies such as, The Zim Zum of Love by Rob and Kristen Bell, Love and Respect by Emerson Eggrichs and The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

Brenda DeVore
It's Not About the Money
Brenda established the Devore Wealth Management Company and is a trusted financial professional dedicated to making  a positive difference in the lives of others. She strives to help clients move into that place of having more than enough to meet their needs, with money left over to enjoy life and share with others. Topics she will cover include, Time - What do you do with your time? Talent - Do you know your gifts…the spiritual gifts God gave you? and Money - Let me see your check book!  

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Meryl Babcock.