Finding God in Music and Culture

Monday Evenings, 7-8pm in DAC 415

This will be two, six-week series facilitating discussion of theological statements in various hymns, praise songs, the Mass, and pop culture music. The two series will be divided between the Fall and Spring. Both series will be facilitated by Rev. Wendi Bernau of the Missional Wisdom Foundation. Contact - Trey West

Fall Study October 2-November 6
Church Music - 
The Fall series allows for dialogue about music and how the songs we sing as a community of faith have shaped our worship and informed beliefs about God and the Christian life throughout history. Each week, the class will look at a variety of hymns, praise songs and Mass texts to find what the authors of these texts and tunes claim about who God is, who we are and what it means to live as a person of faith. Discussion will enhance our understanding of and generosity toward those in our community of faith with different favorite images of God.

Spring Study January 15-February 19
Pop Culture Music - 
The Spring series focuses on musicians who profess faith but chose not to be part of the "Church Music Industry". The class will be considering the artist as prophet - what do these artists say about who God is, who we are and how we live as people of faith? Being outside the Church Music power structure, these artists have the ability to speak some challenging words to the institutional church. Fresh off our Vinyl Theology worship series and through our Worship Arts Strategic Initiative, we have an opportunity to let our congregation continue the discussion of how we see God in ways (specifically in art and music) that we hadn't previously considered. Through group discussion, class members will be able to go deeper in their understanding of who God is and the ways we can see God.