The current Art Exhibit is:
The Art of Discipleship
Deadline for submission is March 18.

Participants are invited to use the visual arts to express their own "Art of Discipleship" using the five colors from the Keller UMC Art of Discipleship program (orange, red, green, blue and purple) or any other colors they feel lend itself to the artwork. What does discipleship mean to you? What "colors" of discipleship do you see yourself most drawn to or using? What other elements of discipleship do you think are important and what colors do you think might represent those elements? The artwork needs to follow the standard Keller UMC Art Exhibit guidelines listed below. Approved artwork will be displayed in the DAC hallway from Palm Sunday through the end of April.
*Note that this series exhibit will not be a contest.

Contact Trey West for more information.

Keller UMC Art Exhibit/Contest Rules and Guidelines

The intention of the contest is to celebrate the creativity and talent of those associated with KUMC and to utilize an additional method to explore the themes of worship. This is a part of the Music and Worship Arts Strategic Initiative.

  1. One entry per artist. Each entry must have a title and statement about how the artwork relates to the theme.
  2. All artwork must have original sources. Artists must create the artwork from observation, imagination, experience or from a photograph taken by the artist.
  3. If a photograph is used as a source for any part of the artwork, the photo must be attached to the back with a note that says the artist took the photo and where it was taken.
  4. Tracing from any photograph or non-original sources is prohibited.
  5. Only 2D artworks are allowed. Two-dimensional artwork must be no larger than 24” X 36”, including mat or mount, and may not exceed 10 pounds.
  6. Canvas paintings do not require mats. All other 2D artworks must be matted or mounted with sturdy black mat board. No frames or coverings are allowed.
  7. Artwork may be drawing, painting, computer-generated, collage or photography. Collage may have elements from non-original sources such as magazines and newspapers as long as the elements are used to create a completely new and different work or art.
  8. Artists of all ages are welcome to enter the contest. There is no requirement to be a member of KUMC.
  9. A worship and fine arts committee will choose semi-finalists and those works will be displayed. Church members and others affiliated with KUMC will be encouraged to vote to choose a winner among the semi-finalists.
  10. Nominal prizes will be awarded.