7th Grade Confirmation 
Our Youth Ministry's main goal is for students to be able to graduate high school with their own faith journey strongly intact. Confirmation is a wonderful starting point within the United Methodist Church wherein 7th grade students can delve deeply into the tenets of our faith and ask tough questions in a safe environment. The promise parents make at their student's baptism to raise them in God's love is "confirmed" at this time. Students who have not previously been baptized have an opportunity to do so along with their confirmation at the conclusion of the class. 

Over the course of the class, we will explore the meaning of baptism, spiritual disciplines, the Holy Trinity, Communion, the importance of grace in the United Methodist Church and any other questions that might arise. Students will learn through classroom teaching, games, field trips, retreats and service projects what it means to live a well-balanced life of discipleship. At the end of the course, students make a public claim to the title of Christian and United Methodist on Confirmation Weekend at the conclusion of the school year. Most importantly, this time is meant to truly establish a starting point in the lives of teenagers where they find the questions they have for their faith lead to a deeper relationship with Christ and with each other. Classes are held weekly beginning September 9 with Confirmation Weekend April 27-28, 2019. Please contact Martha Houghteling for more information. 

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