Dr. Chris J. Hayes
Lead Pastor

Rev. Page Hines 

Senior Associate Pastor of Serving Ministries  


Rev. Jim Chandler 

Pastor to Senior Adults 

Melanie Grice
Executive Director of Operations

Sean Edins

 Executive Director of Worship Ministries

Trey West 

Director of Music and Worship Arts

Audrey Peterbark 

Associate Director of Music

Kristin Springer

Director of Children's Ministries

Jenny Smith

Children's Ministries Volunteer Coordinator

Nancy Smith
Director of Building Blocks Preschool


Abigail Herrington

Director of Youth Ministries

Martha Houghteling

Director of 5th-7th Grade Ministries  

Carol Ann Fewell
Director of Communications

Jan Valendy
Executive Administrative Assistant

Victoria Wilson

Administrative Assistant for Knowing Ministries

Gina Hartman 

Coordinator of Worship Serving and Receptionist

Janna Elliott

Coordinator of Connecting and Serving Ministries

Jana McKinney

Hospitality Coordinator

Kim Kuhlman

Serving Ministry Assistant


Dan Reid

 Financial Administrator 


Gary Fewell

Director of Facilities 


Luz Nunez